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Piss Christ 2000, 2014Hashtag in Digital Piss


Piss Christ 2000, 2014
Hashtag in Digital Piss

Mac DeMarco - Blue Boy
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Details from Bruegel’s Triumph of Death


Random acts of kindness are cool and everything, but random acts of dopeness are way better. Put a neon hat on a sleeping homeless person’s head. Take a picture of some graffiti and use it as a school project for extra credit. Take the 3D glasses that they give you at the movie theater, pop the lenses out, and give them to some kid on the street. Never tie your shoes. Eat raw chicken. Turn a normal pool party into a skinny dipping session by wearing a bathing suit made out of rice paper. Show up late for everything. Don’t wear a seat belt. Don’t wear a normal belt. Drink a glass of hot sauce when nobody’s around. Steal your dad’s gun. Learn to whittle. Tell a funny joke as loudly as you can. Try to buy an iceberg. Start an important fire. Do so many push-ups that they have to take you to the hospital. Brag about stuff that you’ve never done. Choose your family’s cemetery plots. Get really good at hiding. Sew a hole shut. See how long you can hold your breath. Run. Keep hiding. Clean the gun. Load the gun. Be quiet. Do what you came here to do. 


The best part about living on your own is that you can eat cereal for dinner whenever you want and you are forever falling deeper into a chasm of overwhelming, ever-present sadness and despair.